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Bee Stings

As a bike medic – I am frequently asked what is the safest thing you can do while riding a bicycle – well, besides wearing a helmet – I usually say to keep your mouth closed and zip up your jersey when going downhill. That is how most bee stings happen. Bee stings are probably […]

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Road Rash

Road rash is also referred to as a cherry or a strawberry. They are all basically the same type of injury and they fall under the category of abrasions. I have treated a lot of these and the patient’s (PT) level of pain is not always equal to the depth and area of the abrasion. […]

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Shoulder Injuries

Your Patient (PT) will probably be sitting on the ground leaning slightly forward with his/her injured shoulder drooping a good two inches lower than the other shoulder. PT will probably be holding his/her injured arm and probably will be in significant pain. PT may be pale and possibly sweating profusely. The chief complaint will be […]

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Hypothermia happens a lot in the bicycling community and directly or indirectly, it is also responsible for a significant amount of bicycle accidents. On several occasions, I have had the unpleasant task of telling a bicyclist that they can no longer ride (not fit to ride) due to hypothermia. The primary issue being that they […]

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Injured Wrist

These are very common bicycle injuries. Probably the most common wrist injuries are due to going over the handlebars or falling forward and to the side. It is a natural act to put your outstretched arm in front to break the fall. Unfortunately, usually the wrist is broken. In fact, frequently in terms of recreating […]

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Deep Cuts/Internal Injuries

If the PT is bleeding – put on your gloves. The most common and effective way to control external bleeding is to apply direct pressure. PUT ON YOUR GLOVES. It is always best if you apply the pressure with a sterile dressing. This is not always possible but you should be carrying some 3X3 or […]

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Cardiac Incident

There is no substitute for taking a CPR/AED/First Aid Class. These classes are lifesavers – literally. They explain what to do and WHY to do it. Modern medicine is phenomenal and what they can do for PT having a cardiac incident – from stroke to sudden cardiac arrest – is simply amazing – science rules. […]

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Head & Spinal Injuries

Unfortunately, I have seen a lot of these. As a First Aid provider, probably the most important thing to remember is that ALL HEAD AND SPINAL injuries go to the hospital and the hard part is to make sure that we (bystanders/first aid providers/EMTs/etc) do not make the situation WORSE while trying to help the […]

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Hit by a Car/Bicycle

I have been hit by a car – actually, it was a van. It was the real deal: ambulance, ER, MRI, police, court, lawyer, etc. – so, I know what it is like to be hit. As a medic, I have seen single bicyclist accidents, bike on bike accidents, and car/bicyclist accidents. Since I am […]

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Failure to Unclip / My Knee Hurts / Cramps / How Much Further

Failure to Unclip If bee stings are the most common injury that I see as a bicycle medic. The most common bicycle incident that I see is a fall due to failure to unclip. On tours – failure to unclip is like people yawning – when one does it – several end up doing it. […]

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