First Aid

If not you …who? That is the first statement in my First Aid book. Actually it is relevant for CPR just much as First Aid – the two go together. Again, if not you …who?

At this point the book goes into “Recognizing Emergencies” and the “Emergency Medical System and You.” This is First Aid for bicyclist and usually you know when there is an emergency. However, I do need to say that it has been my personal experience as well as the experience of other bicyclist medics/bicyclist doctors – frequently – your PT, may be at an AID station and just a person sitting off by themselves with a blank/exhausted look on their face. Take the time – especially on tours – to walk around to find that PT that may be having trouble. Take the time to baby sit the PT for a while. As stated under cardiac conditions – PTs having a cardiac event almost never admit to themselves or others around them that they are having a cardiac event. Unfortunately, that is true for many other serious illnesses as well. Take the time to check these PTs out. If they go unresponsive – it is better to have checked them out and have the ambulance there or on the way and other medics at your side assisting than just finding a PT lying on the ground with unknown illnesses/injuries.

Take a class – nothing takes the place of a class – working on others – usually people you did not know before the class has its own value in First Aid. You may have to work on strangers – or it may be your wife/husband/friend/etc. Check-Call- Care are the guidelines for First Aid- we go into that in detail in our class, as well as other acronyms: SAMPLE; AVPU; CMS; ABCs; AMS; DOTS; MOI; NOI; HAPE; RICE; HACE; COPD; etc. There is a lot to learn and NOT FORGET. We try to stress on retaining information by doing repetitive scene safety/ABCs/treating life threats/primary & secondary assessments/splinting/immobilizing/etc. The class will cover everything from bicycle accidents to major medical emergencies to PTs just having a bad day – like, “My knee hurts doc. What do you think?” The purpose of the class is to prepare you – the First Aid provider with the basics on how to help.

Cost / Please Find the Standard Rates Below:

  • 1-2 Students: CPR/AED: $35; 1st AID: $60 = $95 per student
  • 3- 5 students (15% discount): CPR/AED: $30; 1st Aid: $50 = $80 per student
  • 6- 8 students (25% discount): CPR/AED: $25; 1st Aid: $45 = $70 per student
  • No more than 8 students in a class.

I make House Calls – I will be happy to teach a class in your house or place of business. I have all the training materials necessary (DVD player; manikins; paperwork; bandages; splints; etc.) to conduct training just about anywhere. Therefore, I can set up a training session in the convenience of your house, bike shop, gym, etc. Further, since I am versatile, I can do the sessions over a couple of days at night or all day in order to fit your schedule.

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Accidents Happen, Know What to Do …

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