Over the last year, both the American Red Cross (ARC) and the American Heart Association (AHA) have changed the rules for CPR. This is not by accident. Studies revealed that when a PT suffered sudden cardiac arrest, in too many incidents, the by-standers did NOT initiate CPR because: they did not remember how many breaths vs. compressions to give; fear of contamination (rescuers were afraid to put their mouth over the mouth of a stranger/PT); rescuers could not remember what to do first – compressions or breaths; a combination of the above – all of which resulted in by- standers doing nothing to assist the PT suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. Thus, well intentioned people did nothing and the PT died.

Both ARC and AHA agreed that in order to simply the process of CPR – they developed a method of CPR utilizing just compressions. Doing compressions when a PT has sudden cardiac arrest will keep the blood circulating to vital organs – the brain, lungs, and heart itself. There is still enough oxygen in the blood that it will help keep theses organs alive until an AED can be utilized and bring PT back to life.

Having said that, the ARC and the AHA also teach CPR utilizing compressions and breaths for the lay person. Further, all medical professionals doing CPR are expected to utilized compressions and breaths. Basically, doing compressions and breaths are significantly more effective. However, doing “Compressions only CPR” is better than doing nothing at all – MUCH BETTER. In the classes I teach and the students are certified – I teach the compressions and breaths method of CPR. Here are my rates:

Cost / Please Find the Standard Rates Below:

  • 1-2 Students: CPR/AED: $35; 1st AID: $60 = $95 per student
  • 3- 5 students (15% discount): CPR/AED: $30; 1st Aid: $50 = $80 per student
  • 6- 8 students (25% discount): CPR/AED: $25; 1st Aid: $45 = $70 per student
  • No more than 8 students in a class.

I make House Calls – I will be happy to teach a class in your house or place of business. I have all the training materials necessary (DVD player; manikins; paperwork; bandages; splints; etc.) to conduct training just about anywhere. Therefore, I can set up a training session in the convenience of your house, bike shop, gym, etc. Further, since I am versatile, I can do the sessions over a couple of days at night or all day in order to fit your schedule.

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